Talent Management


  • Review, update, or prepare HR policies & handbook

  • Ensure compliance with current Covid-19 workplace guidelines

  • Design attractive policies to attract and retain qualified workforce e.g. vacation, leaves, flexible work options

  • Ensure compliance with provincial legislation 

  • Research and deliver learning and development programs 

  • Use assessments and mentoring programs for succession planning and business growth

  • Outplacement assistance for departing staff

Total Rewards


  • Evaluate jobs and create salary grades 

  • Design programs to recognize: 

    • Tenure

    • Performance

    • Level of responsibility

  • Analyze effectiveness of programs in place or research new ones available (Health Benefits, Retirement Savings, Wellness programs, etc.)


  • Work with you to define desired culture at your organization

  • Gather data through surveys, focus groups, etc.

  • Diversity & Inclusion initiatives

  • Make recommendations to start to create desired culture through:

    • Policy changes

    • Team building

    • Communication strategies

    • Training on soft skills 

Human Resources Solutions



  • Review current HR technology

  • Plan desired systems based on budget / resources available

  • Create implementation plan and manage the project

  • Clients will have access to state-of-the-art comprehensive Canadian Human Capital Management System / HR Management System covering the following areas:

    • Compensation / Total Rewards

    • Employee Data Administration

    • Health & Safety - including Covid-19 Survey

    • Learning / Compliance

    • Onboarding

    • Performance Management

    • Time & Attendance Management

  • A fully functional Applicant Tracking system and Onboarding solution is also available.  

Talent acquisition


  • Create staffing plans based on business growth plans

  • Employer branding strategies

  • Setting up Applicant Tracking System (ATS)

  • Create inclusive recruitment processes

  • Training leaders on how to conduct successful interviews

  • Smart hiring using  assessments and profiles

  • Recruitment process outsourcing





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