Announcing Pay Equity Legislative updates and how we can help!

Pay Equity is something that has been discussed for a long time, with little action being taken.

The recent announcement from the Federal Government affects federally regulated companies in Canada:
Pay Equity Act Announcement from Federal Gov

Great news, however this could mean a lot of work for a lot of organizations.

Culture Up HR Solutions is proud to offer HR Director to clients. HR Director is a comprehensive Human Capital Management (HCM) solution that has a comprehensive Job Evaluation module built right into the system. Using this tool along with creating comprehensive job descriptions can help organizations to ensure that roles are evaluated properly. After jobs are evaluated, we use this data to audit compensation of staff in these roles. This is where we find any gaps and issues that need to be addressed. Pay equity may sound complex, however with the right tools in place, we can help this process to be done painlessly and ensure your organization remains compliant.

Even if your organization is provincially regulated, Pay Equity is also required for compliance:
ON Equal Pay for Equal Work

Contact us today to schedule a demo to see how using an HCM system can keep your business compliant.

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