Solutions to solve your People, Culture, and Technology gaps for today and tomorrow!

Running a start-up or small business presents unique demands and challenges. Does your business have a need for transformation or cultural change? Do you want to create a modern and comprehensive Human Resources program but lack the bandwidth and expertise? Working with a trusted partner can help you turn your HR into a strategic business driver, allowing you to focus on what you do best.


People are your greatest asset. Culture Up HR Solutions can help you take care of your people with solutions including talent acquisition, talent management, and total rewards.


Creating a positive and engaging culture is not easy.  Culture Up HR Solutions can work with you to design and execute cultural transformation activities to help you achieve your desired business culture.


Human Resources technology has come a long way. Implementing solutions for your HR needs can be easy with the right partner in place.  Together, we can build an agile HR solution that is impactful and user friendly.


People Solutions – Skills Testing / Assessments, Talent Acquisition, Employee Handbooks, Performance Management Strategies, and HR and Health & Safety Compliance

Culture & Engagement Initiatives – Engagement surveys, Diversity/Equity/Inclusion strategies, Communication Strategies

Technology Solutions – HRMS/Human Capital Management technologies, Applicant Tracking Software

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Employee Engagement Surveys

Do you know the pulse of your company? People & Culture are the heart of any organization. Using a tool such as an Employee Engagement Survey can help you on your journey to create an exceptional employee experience for your staff and create an environment where staff are engaged and thriving. Employee Engagement Surveys are designed …

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Human Resources Project Management is the main title. There are gears in different colours reflecting the different areas of HR. These include Talent Acquisition, Talent Management, Leadership, Technology, Training, and Total Rewards.

The Importance of Project Management in Human Resources

Project management and human resources are two essential functions in any organization. Project management is the process of planning, executing, and controlling projects to achieve specific goals and objectives. Human resources is the process of managing the people who work on the projects, as well as the people who are affected by the projects. When …

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